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Where and when YouTube comes from

YouTube is a digital platform where users can share their own videos. Famous musicians, amateurs actors, enthusiastic scientist or YouTubers – entertainers – record and uploads videos. It is probably the most famous video website. When someone uploads a video to YouTube, and it’s good, they gain followers, shares, comments, likes or dislikes.

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But have you ever wondered what the history is behind this now huge social network? The company was officially born on December 2005, however the domain name was activated earlier the same year. It was established by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jared Karim, who had the idea to create a website sharing videos after the Indian Tsunami of 2004. Also, they said it was originally inspired by online dating services.

The first video that was uploaded was ”Me at the Zoo” in April of 2005. Later on in November, a Nike ad that was made with Ronaldinho got 1 millions views! On July 2006 the amount videos being seen on YouTube was 100 million per day.

According the official website, its numbers increase each day and the numbers of users, videos and views surpasses the millions. YouTube headquarters are located on San Bruno, California.

So, what if you upload a video right now on this worldwide site? Will you get millions of view in just minutes or even days or months? Your competition is experts. They already have millions of views.

What do you do? Lately, more and more companies have become available to offer you options to buy YouTube views. It is a new way to increase your numbers. Make your videos stand out and show up better. If you are looking to be well known, to get seen, and to up your YouTube game, you might want to consider the option you have to buy YouTube views.