The essence of being well

In some cultures around the world it is customary to respond to greetings and queries by saying that you are inherently well and the day is going well for you. You then reciprocate further by asking how it is going for the person you are addressing. Invariably, he or she will respond in kind. The conundrum with many Western cultures is that we remain far too polite and not nearly enough honest with ourselves. It could even be pride.

Even when things are not going well, we simply say, no, everything is fine. And so the story goes. Things can get worse if problems are kept a secret and help is not sought after, especially when it is needed. The essence of being well is, in fact, all encompassing. To be truly well means that you are emotionally sound, even happy and content. Your body has a lot to do with this sense of wellness as well. If the body is healthy all-round then the chances are good that the mind and spirit will be positively healthy as well.

And it is not at all difficult to make the necessary changes in your life to become well. You take a realistic frame of mind and manage your transformation in small, manageable chunks. You achieve and accomplish small goals each and every day instead of failing miserably after setting yourself an unrealistic and ambitious target. For instance, giving up sugar may be a challenge. You can overcome this by gradually adjusting your diet, reducing the amounts your body is used to, little by little.

The same goes for physical exercise and activities. Only do what you can. Go for that first walk before you start running yourself into the ground.